Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hi and Welcome!

Welcome - or welcome back! - to My Very Own Crunchy And Progressive Parenting Blog Mark Two. The first one was lost when I deleted a renegade gmail address from my computer and Google's own customer assistance provided zero assistance to this customer. :-( Since there seems to be no way to retrieve the blog, and since no actual humans seem to work at Google, it was easier to just start over.

I hope to eventually restore the content that I still have here on my hard drive (thanks to The Wayback Machine for so many helpful caches!), although like an idiot I didn't save everything here. Won't make that mistake again.

If you're looking for a place to read stuff about parenting, education, healthy food, and, well, whatever other stuff comes to my mind, this is the place! I come here from time to time to "unpack" all the stuff that builds up in my head - not on any particular schedule, just whenever I need to unload.

So come on in and read and learn and share your own learning!


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